Pedro Peão

He was born in Coimbra 41 years ago, where he grew up and completed all his academic studies, including a degree in Forest Resources Engineering at Coimbra Agricultural College.

His career has always been linked to the management of forestry companies and began with an internship during his bachelor's degree at Maiaequipa, a company of the SONAE Group, in forestry projects. He then led an Organization of Forest Producers for 4 years. Ecorede is also part of his CV, where he took over executive management for another 10 years.

In addition to being managing partner of GKAPITAL, he has been executive director of Synerglobal- Forest services, S.A., since January 2020.

Gonçalo Alves

He was born in Trás-os-Montes, on the banks of the river Tua-Mirandela in 1972.

He is a Forestry Engineer with a degree from the Instituto Superior de Agronomia .

In 1996 he began his professional career as a member of the Technical Secretarial of the "Expert Meeting for Rehabilitation of Degraded Soils" and the Ministerial Conference for the Protection of Forests in Europe”.
Since then, his connection to forestry projects has been a constant, both as a consultant and as a member of the staff of companies and institutions in the sector - IFADAP (Institute for the Financing and Support of Agriculture and Fisheries) Unimadeiras; Abastena; Investwood; Proef ; National Civil Protection Authority; Centro Pinus; National Forest Authority; FSC@ (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (The programme of the Endorsement of the Endorsement of Forest Certification); MC02; Office of Minister of Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development of the XXI Constitutional Government and Smart Forest.