The replacement of traditional fossil energy sources with renewable energies is one of the main processes aimed at significantly reducing GHGs and consequently halting Climate Change and ensuring the Sustainability of the Planet.

The constant search for new forms of clean energy production and new technologies is one of Gkapital's commitments to society and the planet. Thus, we have a team with extensive experience in planning, implementing, and managing renewable energy production projects, mainly through the combustion of pellets, biomass and fuel derived from waste (CDR).

Over several years, we have developed skills that enable us:


Assess the feasibility, technical, economic, and financial viability of an investment in pellet, biomass and/or CDR combustion.


Design the installation of industrial units for energy production through the combustion of pellets, biomass and/or CDR.

Installation/ Unit

Installing industrial units of pellet, biomass and/or CDR energy production.