The company's objective is to provide specialized consulting services for forestry investment, territory, and energy.

Corporate Values

  • Innovation;
  • Ambition;
  • Accuracy;

Social Responsibility

Gkapital assumes that social responsibility is a determining factor in its performance.
Our commitment to society, to new generations, to the territory, the forest, and the environment guides our actions in all our activities.
Our performance is guided by standards that ensure:

  • Combating climate change and reducing inherent risks.
  • Land planning and management.
  • Improving Forest Management and Ecosystem Services.
  • Promotion of social development by improving the quality of life of local communities.
  • Gkapital believes that its actions should lead a change in the management of rural territory, ensuring an enhancement of the entire value chain, an equitable distribution of income and a reduction of asymmetries between the various agents of the economic sector.


Gkapital is at the forefront of developing and implementing management models and solutions that ensure a rapid transition to a sustainable and balanced plan.


Gkapital is committed to ensuring the highest quality and ethical standards in the provision of services to its clients.