Following the serious fires of 2017, with known social, economic, and environmental consequences, which deeply affected the Pinhal Interior Region, the Portuguese society understood that the disorientation and lack of management of rural territories should necessarily undergo a profound transformation in order to increase their resilience, reducing the associated risks and promoting wealth creation.

Society has understood that without the creation of wealth and appreciation of the territories, it will be impossible to ensure their planning, the transformation of the landscape and the consequent reduction of risk, so the Institute of Nature Conservation and Landscape has promoted the preparation of Reordering and Landscape Management Plans, which are the basic instrument for the desired transformation.

In the scope of Public Bid No. 01/2020/ICNF/DRCNF-LVT, promoted by the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests, Gkapital was awarded the contract for the Landscape Reordering and Management Plan (PRGP) of the Southern Interior Pine Forest, covering an area of 190,000 hectares in the municipalities of Mação, Sertã, Vila de Rei, Proença-a- Nova and Oleiros.

Our objective with the elaboration of the PRGP is not only to ensure the transformation of the landscape, making it more resilient to biotic and abiotic risks, but also to base this transformation on the creation of a diversified regional economy, viable and sustainable based on various activities ranging from forestry to agriculture, livestock breeding, tourism and leisure, industry, among others.

The email address for issues related to the Plan for Reordering and Management of the Landscape of the Pinhal Interior Sul is sugestõ